Bitcoin Cash Has Just Reached $10 Billion Market Cap — Steemit

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Bitcoin Cash is already 10 years ahead of Lightning NetworkCrypto market grows by $13 billion as bitcoin breaks the $10,000 threshold for the.

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4.32 B, 18,138,300, 1.42 B, Bitcoin Cash USD month chart.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies don't just fall out of the sky .

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You have all heard of the main stream cryptos Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash,

I think Golem conservatively has the potential to be a $10 billion market cap crypto,

he recently predicted the price of GNT to moon and is likely to hit the $5 mark by Q3.

Crypto investors have long believed that institutional investors would lead to the next Bitcoin moon event but this is a.

Bitcoin became the first real world experiment with blockchain-based money.

to hundreds of millions and is currently estimated to be worth over $10+ billion.

Just like company shares (ie. stocks) these digital assets have value as more people use.

Steem assets is currently about $20 million on